Probably Chelsea

Probably Chelsea 2017

Thirty different possible portraits of Chelsea Manning algorithmically-generated by an analysis of her DNA.

Radical Love: Chelsea Manning

Radical Love: Chelsea Manning 2015

Forensic DNA Phenotype portrait of the American whistleblower.

Stranger Visions

Stranger Visions 2012 - 2013

Portrait sculptures from analyses of genetic material collected in public places.


Invisible 2014

The future of genetic privacy.

DNA Spoofing

DNA Spoofing 2013

A playful look at DIY ways in which anonymity can be enabled in the age of genetic surveillance.

Suppressed Images

Suppressed Images 2017

A story of identity, incarceration, and the struggle for visibility.

Biopunk: Subverting Biopolitics

Biopunk: Subverting Biopolitics 2017

A three-way essay on biopunk, futurism, and rejecting genetic determinism.

Hacking Biopolitics

Hacking Biopolitics 2017

Ubiquitous genomics, compulsory visibility, and a call for biopolitical art practice. Lecture in e-flux.

Sci-fi Crime Drama with a Strong Black Lead

Sci-fi Crime Drama with a Strong Black Lead 2015

Essay for the New Inquiry: A new crime investigation technology generates suspect sketches from genetic material but this new big data tool is based on old racialism.


#KissMyArs 2015-16

Social media campaign and Guardian article addressing sexism in the field of art & technology


Biononymous 2015

A hub for community research into biological surveillance.

The Official Biononymous Guidebooks

The Official Biononymous Guidebooks 2015

Completed with Jarad Solomon. DIY guides to erase and replace your DNA.

PRISM Break Up

PRISM Break Up 2013

A series of art and technology events dedicated to exploring and providing forms of protection from surveillance.

Who owns you?

Who owns you? 2008 - 2011

Billboard Art Installation.


moc.elgooG 2012

The least popular results on the web.


Unlanguage 2013

Interactive generative poetry installation for the Poland Mediations Biennale.


OHM IV 2013

Re-engaging the physical in an age of disconnection.


OHM II 2011

Millenium Film Archive is transformed into a human circuit.


OHM I 2011

An experiment in sound, drawing, and human conductivity.


Hydrophony 2010 - 2011

Bringing the world of sound hidden beneath New York's rivers to the surface.

Haptic Resonance

Haptic Resonance 2011

Physicality of sound as a composition for the sense of touch.

Listening Post

Listening Post 2009

Listening and learning from the speech of passersby and the sounds of the street.

Spurious Memories

Spurious Memories 2007

The dreams of a facial recognition system